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本文摘要:第七单元重点知识点解说和归纳【温故】try◆ try to do sth. 意为”设法做某事”。


第七单元重点知识点解说和归纳【温故】try◆ try to do sth. 意为”设法做某事”。如:I’ll do sports and try to keep healthy.◆ try doing sth. 意为”试着做某事”。如:Can you try standing on your head?◆ try one’s best to do sth. 意为”努力做某事”。

如:Bob tries his best to study Chinese.【运用】完成句子,每空词数不限。1. 你可以试着做这道菜。

很简朴。You can _____________ the dish. It’s very easy.2. 我将努力去做那件事。


I’ll _____________ that.3. 你应该努力学习,设法提高你的结果。You should work hard and _____________ your grades.【知新】1. more, fewer & less◆ more是many和much的比力级,意为”更多的”,用来修饰可数名词复数形式或不行数名词。如:You’ll get more letters next week.I’ll spend more time with my parents.◆ fewer是few的比力级,意为”更少的”,用来修饰可数名词复数形式。

如:Fewer birds will come here next year.◆ less是little的比力级,意为”较少的;更少的”,用来修饰不行数名词。如:We must try to spend less money.【运用】单项选择(1) There will be ________ cars in the city because people will prefer (更喜欢) the subway.A. fewer B. less C. more (2015湖南长沙)(2) Bob knows how to cut the cost of the project (项目成本). I’m sure he can do the work with ________ money and ________ people.A. less; less B. fewer; more C. more; fewer D. less; fewer (2015 广东)(3) In the future I think cities will be crowded because there will be a lot ________ people.A. more B. fewerC. less D. many (2013山东枣庄)2. agreeagree作动词,意为”同意”,主要用法如下:◆ agree with sb. 意为”同意某人的意见”。如:I agree with you on this matter.◆ agree to do sth. 意为”同意做某事”。如:He agreed to fly kites with me this weekend.◆ agree后可接that引导的宾语从句,that有时可省略,意为”同意……;一致认为……”。


如:They agree (that) the movie is very boring.【运用】Ⅰ. 单项选择They all ________ Laura about building a museum here.A. waited for B. handed in C. agreed with D. knocked at (2015重庆A)Ⅱ. 完成句子,每空词数不限。1. 我爸爸同意给我买一台电脑。My father _______________ a computer.2. 我们一致认为这条裙子更漂亮。_______________ that this dress is more beautiful.3. such & sosuch和so均可意为”如此;这样”,但它们的用法是有区此外。

◆ such常用来修饰名词,so常用来修饰形容词或副词。如:Do you like such weather? I’m so glad to see you.The boy sang so beautifully.◆ 当名词前有many,much,few或little等词修饰时,要用so而不用such。

如:There are so many / few kids in the park.We have so much / little homework today.【运用】用such或so完成句子。(1) How can you get ________ much money to buy a car?(2) Are you interested in ________ things? (3) Don’t eat ________ quickly.谜底【温故】1. try making 2. try my best to do 3. try to improve 【知新】1. (1)-(3) ADA2.Ⅰ. C Ⅱ. 1. agreed to buy me 2. We agree3. (1) so (2) such (3) so第七单元重点知识点归纳Section Ain danger 处于危险之中play a part in doing sth. 到场做某事;在做某事中发挥作用world peace 世界宁静the same as … 与……一样move to 搬(家);搬迁Section Bhelp with the housework 帮助做家务over and over again 多次;重复地try to do sth. 设法做某事look like看起来像be able to do sth. 能够做某事wake up 醒来disagree with 差别意;不赞成hundreds of 许多;大量fall down 突然倒下;跌倒;坍毁 look for 寻找;寻求in the future 在未来space station 太空站fly up into the sky 飞向天空。